5 Recommendations For Life

One of my favourite blogs is Slutever by a contemporary/more risqué Carrie Bradshaw — Karley Scriotino. She also writes a column for Vogue called “Breathless” which explores sexy stuff that ranges from relationship advice to S&M.

My favourite posts are “Slutever’s 5 Recommendations for Life”. Basically she lists five things she likes and it’s great. So I thought I’d try it out here.

February was a bit difficult meaning really cold (even though my apartment is about 30 degrees) and windy and stressful. Here’s a list of 5 things that got me through the month (other than my birthday):

1. Arthur Russell — This is how we walk on the moon

I was listening to my friend’s weekly radio show — Jake and Gololcha in the evening — on CKUW a few weeks ago. I wasn’t really listening intently, just doing homework, or on Instagram thinking about how I should really be doing my homework, when this song came on. I stopped and just listened, something I haven’t done in awhile. The next day I probably played this song 50 times and read up on Arthur Russell. His music is super interesting and so is his story, check him out.

2. Burroughs 101 on This American Life

Burroughs portrait

Great radio about a strange and incredibly influential man. The documentary was made by the BBC for his 101 birthday. Iggy Pop narrates it too. Check it out here: Burroughs 101

3. Advice from Patti Smith

Best to follow something about Burroughs with Patti Smith. Actually this whole post should probably just be about Patti. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired I play Horses, read a section of Just Kids, or watch the documentary I Dream of Life by Steven Sebrig. I just love Patti Smith, like a lot.

4. Paris is Burning

Because I use New York as a way to escape the mundane Winnipeg winters more often than not, I’ll continue on a NYC theme. Paris is Burning is a great documentary made in 1990 and filmed in the mid to late 80s. It’s about the golden age of drag balls and vogueing. It’s fun, sad, and beautiful. The whole thing’s also on YouTube.

5. Mira Gonzales

This summer I read poems by Gonzales on Adult-Mag.com. I used to read poetry a lot and now I don’t. When I stumbled upon her writing I read them once and then again. They are very much dreamy, L.A. twenty-something-year-old girl poems. I liked them and didn’t all at once, but I still read them sometimes so I think I like them more than I want to let myself. You can read more of her poems here.

the universe is a living creature whose behavior is ordered for the worst

in the beginning you experience one to several

nonspecific ideas about distance or sadness

you become aware of sounds and textures

existing independently of human experience

you have sex with him in the living room

and listen to a commercial on the television

he is looking upward at the ceiling now

you think he has found something worth looking at

he stands up, he doesn’t touch you

he gets dressed in silence and leaves the room

you find him on the balcony smoking a cigarette

he drinks cough syrup from a bottle with no label

you run your index finger along the edge of something

you touch a glass, then touch your mouth

you touch each of your ribs, individually

he says something indiscernible and

you say ‘i dont know what you are talking about’

you think about leaving, or sleeping on the floor

he hands you the cough syrup and walks back inside

you pour some cough syrup over the edge of the balcony

an orange puddle forms on the sidewalk

— Mira Gonzales


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